“Every problem has a solution. You just
have to be creative enough to find it.

Welcome to the Aviva Young Artist Program. 

What began as an experiment in reaching underserved communities in 2012 has grown from a small group of six families into the only virtual Suzuki program in the world. The AVIVA Young Artist Program now serves families and students on 5 continents, runs yearly research and pilot projects related to distance teaching, and consistently forms young musicians who are thoughtful, successful, well-rounded and healthy. More than 4000 lessons and many technological advances later, we've come a long way together. Students come from all walks of life: ex-pats, military families, academics, homeschoolers, farmers, falconers, n and more. Everyone is welcome.

Why is AVIVA different? It's backed by ongoing research, a commitment to world-class teaching, a desire to connect people on a human level through music, and most importantly, a vision of using music as a way to nurture noble hearts in all young people.

The name AVIVA evokes thoughts of youth and new growth. It was chosen as the program name as we strive to look forward, grow and innovate together. The program has no religious affiliation.


What can you expect? Experienced teaching, the creative use of technology, constant and positive reinforcement, logical pedagogical sequencing, measurable improvement, opportunities to engage with other families (both kids and parents) from around the world, and continuous research into the most effective ways to use technology as an effective teaching tool.

The AVIVA Program is based in Montréal’s MileEx neighborhood, and was created by violinist Dr. Mary Elizabeth Brown who continues to teach, mentor and oversee all of the program’s pedagogical and research activities.

Dr. Mary-Elizabeth Brown

Dr. Mary-Elizabeth Brown