An entirely virtual Education

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Based in Montreal’s Mile Ex neighbourhood and reaching around the world, the AVIVA Young Artist Program is an entirely virtual music education program. Drawing on inspiration from the world’s most established Suzuki and traditionally based programs, AVIVA uses various  videoconferencing technologies to offer students a well rounded education including: weekly private lessons, group class, guest masterclasses, parent education, and music appreciation seminars. It serves families on 5 continents and students aged 3-70, from pre-twinklers to professionals.

AVIVA’s mission is to make high quality music education accessible to all students, regardless of their location, by providing a well-rounded program focussed on the healthy and positive development of the musician.

Private lessons

All students in the academic year program participate in weekly private lessons. Based on a well-rounded teaching philosophy, this is where we develop our skills, build mentorship connections and grow as musicians in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Group Performance Class

Using the ZOOM platform, we meet virtually in a group setting to play for one another, receive feedback from both teachers and peers, and gain experience performing. Classes are limited in size and offered in a variety of timezones to allow all students to participate in a meaningful way.

Guest Masterclasses

Each year, guest masterclasses are hosted by celebrated teachers from around the world. These special classes, hosted on the ZOOM platform, are an opportunity to receive supplemental feedback, prepare for major performances or assessments, learn from our peers through observation and be inspired! While a limited number students are chosen for each class, everyone is invited to participate by watching, listening and learning.

2019-2020 Guest Masterclass Teachers will be announced in mid-June!

Parent Education

The journey of a parent and young violinist is both rich and challenging. Quarterly Parent Education seminars offer parents an opportunity to connect, discuss common themes and challenges and approach topics of interest in a positive environment.

Upcoming topics include:

Nurturing Independence 

Buying an instrument

Exploring non-classical music as a part of music education

Using technology in practice

Mary-Elizabeth By Request!


This pilot project running in the 2019-2020 academic year introduces students to stylistic eras, the lives and noted works of great composers and aims to provide a basis for educated performance from a young age.


In keeping with Dr. Suzuki’s “every child can” philosophy, any student can be considered for admission to the program or waitlist, regardless of their location, level or prior experience. An initial intake appointment is followed by a discussion of expectations, scheduling, teacher match, goals and pedagogical plan. For more information, please reach out by email or book an intake appointment.